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2018.1.20 - 3.17


Kayne Griffin Corcoran

An exhibition of Noboru Takayama, one of the artists of Tokyo Publishing House, is opening at Kayne Griffin Corcoran in LA, USA.

Rumi Tanaka

Rumi Tanaka "Buako-chan: The Story of Sewing"

Tokyo Publishing House

Tokyo Publishing House published Rumi Tanaka "Buako-chan: The Story of Sewing".

Koji Enokura

"Symptom: Koji Enokura Photo Works 1969 - 1994"

Tokyo Publishing House

Tokyo Publishing House published "Symptom: Koji Enokura Photo Works 1969 - 1994".
This book is a collection of photographs by Koji Enokura.

Franz Marc

《A Library of the crystal cage》Letters from the War III

Franz Marc, translation: Fumiko Takahashi

Tokyo Publishing House is publishing 《A Library of the crystal cage》.

Shigeru Yokota Gallery

2018.2.5 - 2.16

Joseph Cornell: A Pop-Up Book for All Ages

Shigeru Yokota Gallery

After more than twenty years, Tokyo Publishing House and Shigeru Yokota Gallery are pleased to present
Please join us to celebrate the publication on Friday, February 16, 2018 at 3pm.

Exhibitions of Related Artists

2017.10.20 - 2018.3.5

JAPANORAMA Nouveau regard sur la création contemporaine

Centre Pompidou-Metz

Works by Tomoharu Murakami, Natsuyuki Nakanishi, Koji Enokura and Noboru Takayama will be presented.

2017.12.14 - 2018.2.18

DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow PLUS × Hibiya Library & Museum
Artists meet Books - Books as Trees and the Library as a Forest

Chiyoda City's Hibiya Library and Museum 1F Special Exhibition space

Works by Isamu Wakabayashi will be presented.