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Frieze New York

2017.5.5 - 5.7

TATSUO KAWAGUCHI  Kayne Griffin Corcoran / Tokyo Publishing House


Tokyo Publishing House presents Tatsuo Kawaguchi's works at Frieze New York in collaboration with Kayne Griffin Corcoran.
After the fair, an exhibition of Tatsuo Kawaguchi will be held at Kayne Griffin Corcoran. Please click here for more information.

Rumi Tanaka

Rumi Tanaka "Buako-chan: The Story of Sewing"

Tokyo Publishing House

Tokyo Publishing House published Rumi Tanaka "Buako-chan: The Story of Sewing".

Koji Enokura

"Symptom: Koji Enokura Photo Works 1969 - 1994"

Tokyo Publishing House

Tokyo Publishing House published "Symptom: Koji Enokura Photo Works 1969 - 1994".
This book is a collection of photographs by Koji Enokura.

Franz Marc

《A Library of the crystal cage》Letters from the War III

Franz Marc, translation: Fumiko Takahashi

Tokyo Publishing House is publishing 《A Library of the crystal cage》.

Shigeru Yokota Gallery

Kazuo Okazaki

2017.4.10 - 4.28

Kazuo Okazaki

Shigeru Yokota Gallery

Shigeru Yokota Gallery is opening an exhibition of Kazuo Okazaki.

Exhibitions of Related Artists

2017.1.28 - 4.30

PROVOKE: Between Protest and Performance – Photography in Japan 1960–1975

Art Institute Chicago

Works by Koji Enokura are presented.

2017.3.25 - 9.10

Tier - Armando, Darwin, Sinke & van Tongeren

Museum oud Amelisweerd

2017.4.15 - 4.26

Natsuyuki Nakanishi

Nagoya Gallery

2017.4.25 - 5.6

Nagako Kishida  TARTANS

galerie 16

2017.4.28 - 7.10

Richard Milazzo, Abraham David Christian  One Thing at a Time

Galerie Albrecht


Tatsuo Kawaguchi

Kayne Griffin Corcoran