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Ikko Narahara

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Ikko Narahara Ikko Narahara Ikko Narahara Ikko Narahara

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Ikko Narahara, in collaboration with Shuzo Takiguchi, published "Marcel Duchamp large glass with Shuzo Takiguchi cigar box" (Misuzu Shobo, 1992 ). We selected seven representative works from the photo series “Marcel Duchamp - The Large Glass” and printed them using Crystal Print to create this photo portfolio.

Cooperation in Producing:Mitsuo Katsui, Kazuo Okazaki

Product details

Publishing Ikko Narahara Archives + Tokyo Publishing House
Edition 7E.D. + 7A.P.
Date of Issue 2018
Print Size 61.0×50.8cm
Box Size 61.2×52.7×5.5cm
Design, Cooperation in Producing Mitsuo Katsui, Kazuo Okazaki, Top Art Kamakura

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