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Kōji Enokura

Symptom: Kōji Enokura Photo Works 1969-1994

Symptom Koji Enokura Photo Works 1969-1994

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Tokyo Publishing House published "Symptom: Kōji Enokura Photo Works 1969-1994". This book is a collection of photographs from Enokura's estate, which we discovered and researched in his house since 2010.
The book aims to reveal the wide range of Enokura's photographic work. It includes photographs documenting his own exhibitions in the early years of his activity, the photo works of his later years, and contact sheets from negatives. Texts by photo historian Kin'ichi Obinata, art critic Isako Kumagai, and Kōji Enokura, the artist himself, accompany and explain his work.
This bilingual book is published in Japanese and English.
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Product details

Texts Kōji Enokura, Kin'ichi Obinata, Isako Kumagai
Translation Kyoko Ando, James Jack
Production Insho-sha
Edit & Design Tokyo Publishing House
Number of pages 304
Date of Issue 2015
Number of copies 700

¥13,000.(Tax included)