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Shozo Kitadai / Kiyoji Otsuji



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This portfolio was made subsequently to the “APN” series by Katsuhiro Yamaguchi and Kiyoji Otusji, as a photograph collection of Shozo Kitadai’s 10 objets from the total of 13 objets that appeared in “Asahi Picture News (APN)”.

Product details

Technique / Material Gelatine Silver Print / Baryta paper
Size 53.5 x 43.6 x 5.4 cm
Edition 7+4A.P.
Date of Issue 2003
Number of Works 10
Objets Shozo Kitadai
Photographs Shozo Kitadai (#3, #5)
Kiyoji Otsuji (#1, #2, #4, #6, #7,#8,#9, #10)
Modern Print Printing Sadamu Saito
Cooperation in Producing the Cases Top Art Kamakura

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