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Past Exhibition

Nagako Kishida

"Weather Forecast"
"Blank Map"

2016.5.9 - 5.20


《Weather Forecast》 1983 B4, Set of 4 Hardcover Books Casette Tape Installation Size
《Blank Map》 1997 Shina Venner, Acrylic Urethane Paint Installation Size
《Blank Map》 1998 Shina Veneer, Acrylic Urethane Ppaint Installation Size


1949 Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
1970 Entered Kyoto University of Education.
1977 Hold first solo exhibition at Gallery 16 (Kyoto). Had solo exhibition once a year at the gallery. Started to produce new works "how much farther we can go from drawings".
Around 1980 Copied product labels using xerography to produce her new works "Collect" which was in the form of book.
In the middle of 1980's Produced her new works with cards called "Name of Places" which she recorded each geographical name from urban map on the cards
In 1990's Produced new series of works "Blank Map" and "Fragments / Blank Map" which she used fragments of world's blank map to paint them.
After 2010 Produced new series of works "TARTANS" which she painted tartan on canvas with oil.

Exhibition Overview

We present 2 works from the series of "Weather Forecast" (1983) and "Blank Map" (1997) in this exhibition.