Japnese / English

Past Exhibition

Printed Matters

Tatsuo Kawaguchi

Relation - Book

2005.5.16 - 6.10


1. Heat (set of 2 books), 1983
Japanese paper, heat, leather
2. Heat (set of 2 books), 1983
Japanese paper, heat, leather
3. Heat (Accordion book), 1983
Japanese paper, heat, leather
4. Blue Line, 1985
Japanese paper, copper
5. Atomic Patina, 1985
Japanese paper, copper wire
6. Note of Seeds a, 1988
Lead, seeds
7. Note of Seeds b, 1988
Lead, seeds
8. Relation – Universe of Lead / Life, 1998
Flottage/dummy, pencil, ballpoint pen, Japanese paper, paper, lead, copper (set of 2 books)
9. green book, 1999
paper, colored pencil, leather
10. SUN FLOWER, 1999
xerography, paper
11. Relation – Book / Illustrated Color Book of World Flora, 1992
Lead, book, seed (dandelion)
12. Relation – Book Universe / 1992
Lead, book of universe, seeds (cosmos)
13. Relation – Book Bird Guide, 1992
Lead, book of birds, seeds (hemp)
14. Relation – Book Map of Japan, 2001
Lead, book of Japanese map, seeds (cosmos)
15. Relation – Book Map of the World, 2001
Lead, book of the world map, seeds (cosmos)


Tokyo Publishing House presented 16 works by Tatsuo Kawaguchi in a show titled “Printed matter 2005 Tatsuo Kawaguchi Relation - Book” in 2005.

Tatsuo Kawaguchi is one of the leading artists in Japanese contemporary art. Ever since he had organized a group called “I”, and presented avant-garde works with his colleagues in 1965, his works have been consistent with his philosophy.

The “Relation” series that Kawaguchi started producing in the 1970s in particular, still is one of his main subjects today.

Some of his works had been bound for this exhibition, and others were laid out ready for viewers to touch and observe carefully.