Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert


1947 Born in Tokyo, Japan.
1966 Joshi Bijutsu Daigaku (Women's Callege of Fine Art), High School
1969 Nihon University, College of Art, Department of Fine Arts, BFA
1969-1670 Kyoto Institute of Industrial Science, Ceramic Department
1969-1672 Apprentice to the master potter Shofu Eiichi of Kyoto, Japan
1976 Married, moved to United States
1976-1978 Independent study at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago
1982-1987 Returned to Kyoto, Japan
1987 Returned to United States
1989 Moved to Vermont U.S.A

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert, Shigeru Yokota Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2015 Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert, Sundries, Tokyo, Japan
2014 "Found in the Forest", Shigeru Yokota Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2013 "Found in the Forest, 'Leaves'", Vermont State Supreme Court, VT
2011 Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert, Shigeru Yokota Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2006 Hakarazariki, Sen-garou, Toyko
2004 Neah Bay, Gallery Jin, Tokyo
2002 "Found in the Forest, Installation", Catamount Arts Gallery, VT
"Found in the Forest", Installation, T.L.A.P, Tokyo
"Found in the Forest, Installation", Drawing Exhibition, Gallery Jin, Tokyo
2001 "Windows 2001", 300 days Gallery, Tokyo
Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert, GALERIE SOL, Tokyo
"Found in the Forest", Installation, Studio Place Arts, Barre, VT
2000 "Windows 2000", Catamount Art Gallery, VT
1999 "Oblivion", Catamount Art Gallery, ST. Johnsbury, VT
"Form of Existence", GALERIE SOL, Tokyo
1998 "Studio exhibit", St. Johnsbury, Vermot
1991 "Insight", Kyoni Gallery, Tokyo